Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office
Silvia Tomášková, Dean
Thomas Heilke, Associate Dean, Research and Postdoctoral Studies
Alison Conway, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Donna Senese, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Recruitment, Services, and Success
Bernard Momer, Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Kim Erasmus, Assistant to the Dean
The University of British Columbia
Okanagan Campus
Arts & Science II Building, Room 405
3187 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7
Tel: 250.807.9527

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences brings together a diverse and unique community of learning and research that integrates the humanities and the social sciences as well as the computational and mathematical sciences. Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide many paths to a rich learning experience through traditional disciplinary programs, interdisciplinary options, co-op opportunities and UBC’s GoGlobal international programs. For a complete list of undergraduate academic programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, please see the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of NłeɁkepmx Language Fluency, Bachelor of Nsyilxcn Language Fluency pages and the College of Graduate Studies page for graduate programs.

Credentials offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)1
  • Bachelor of NłeɁkepmx Language Fluency (B.Nłek)
  • Bachelor of Nsyilxcn Language Fluency (B.N.L.F.)
  • Masters of Arts (M.A.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • The Faculty is organized into four departments that are responsible for delivering our programs:
    Department of Community, Culture and Global Studies
    Dr. Mike Evans, Head
    Shelley Vanderburg, Department Assistant
    Alicia Head, Department Assistant

    Department of Economics, Philosophy and Political Science
    Dr. Helen Yanacopulos, Head
    Robyn Wandfluh, Department Assistant
    Liana Knezevic, Department Assistant

    Department of History and Sociology
    Dr. Ruth Frost, Head
    Barb Wilke, Department Assistant

    Department of Psychology
    Dr. Elena Nicoladis, Head
    Marla MacDonald, Department Assistant
    Kim Snyder, Department Assistant

    1Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Visual Culture, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, English, French and Spanish, and a Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies are available through the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

    Requirements of an Annotation of a Second or Subsequent Major or Honours Designation on a Baccalaureate Degree Previously Conferred

    Students who have previously been granted a UBC Okanagan campus B.A. or B.Sc. may subsequently return and complete the requirements for a first or an additional major or honours designation relevant to and within the same baccalaureate degree. The student will then be issued an updated parchment of the baccalaureate degree if the major or honours program requirements have been fully met. The updated degree parchment will include an annotation specific to the majors or honours designation. The student will be required to surrender the degree parchment previously conferred upon the issuance of the updated parchment for the baccalaureate degree. The official transcript of the student will be updated to indicate that the requirements of a subsequent major or honours have been met.

    Returning students must receive the approval of the relevant department head before the student may enter either the second major or the honours program. The department head will ensure that the student’s prior work is sufficiently current to progress within the proposed program of study.

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