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A School within the Faculty of Health and Social Development

Colin Reid, Acting Director
School of Social Work
Okanagan Campus
ART360 - 1147 Research Road
Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7

The School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program, with two program tracks: Advanced One Year M.S.W. and Foundational Two Year M.S.W.

Mission of the M.S.W. Program

Both the Advanced One-Year and the Foundational Two-Year M.S.W. curricula focus on preparing students for professional practice with individuals, families, and groups. Graduates often enter jobs in mental health, substance abuse rehabilitation, child and adult protective services, hospitals and clinics, programs for the aging, and community service organizations.

Description of Clinical Social Work and the M.S.W. Program

Clinical social workers engage in relationally based interventions that include, but are not limited to, counselling and psychotherapy to restore, maintain and enhance the well-being of clients. Interventions responsive to all dimensions of diversity are guided by theory, best practices, and current evidence. These goals are further enhanced through advocacy, social action, and research. Clinicians also participate in community and policy interventions based on knowledge gained through their practice experience.

Our Master of Social Work program of study incorporates critical theory into social work assessment and intervention. Students develop a deeper understanding of the integration of individual, relational, structural and global factors that respect diversity, promote resilience, and strengthen capacity.

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