UBC Admissions Student Declaration

The following Student Declaration appears on the UBC application form for undergraduate admission. The Admissions Office will not process an application unless the applicant has accepted the Student Declaration as part of completing the application form.

  • I agree that my secondary and post-secondary grades may be released to UBC.
  • I will notify Undergraduate Admissions of any additional secondary and/or post-secondary studies taken subsequent to the date of this application.
  • I certify that the written responses included in this application are accurate and my own.
  • I agree that if I knowingly or carelessly provided untrue or incomplete information with this application then UBC may in its sole discretion do any or all of the following: (a) withdraw any offer of admission, whether accepted or not; (b) require me to withdraw from UBC; (c) subject me to academic discipline; (d) share the information I provided with other post-secondary institutions, law enforcement agencies, or other third parties.
  • I agree that UBC may verify the information provided by contacting the relevant institution or any secondary or post-secondary institutions not listed in this application.
  • I agree that my name may be released to my school or school district if I am a scholarship recipient.
  • I agree, if admitted to UBC, to comply with all rules and regulations of the University, present and future.

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