A student’s assigned standing in a course is determined by a course instructor in accordance with the grading scheme indicated in the course syllabus, and may take the form of a final grade (e.g., 75%), or one of the other standings assigned by the University (e.g., pass/fail). See Grading Practices for more information about grades and other assigned standings. A Review of Assigned Standing is undertaken by the academic unit responsible for teaching a course to determine whether a student’s performance in that course was correctly evaluated. The student’s assigned standing may be adjusted positively or negatively or remain the same as a result of the review, and the result of such a review is the final academic evaluation of a student’s performance in a course.

A student who is dissatisfied with their assigned standing is encouraged to first discuss the matter informally with the instructor(s) of the course, when possible. Should the matter remain unresolved and the student believes that some or all of the material contributing to the assigned standing has been incorrectly evaluated, the student may apply for a Review of Assigned Standing.

To be eligible for review, the material in question must be a physical product that is submitted and evaluated as part of a student’s assigned standing that is available in its original as-marked form, and does not include components of an Assigned Standing that are intangible such as a live performance, presentation, or class participation. Graduate-level theses and doctoral dissertations are not subject to Reviews of Academic Standing.

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