Program Requirements

Degree or program requirements are established and modified with the knowledge and approval of Senate, and are recorded in faculty, school, and college entries. Unless a student takes an extraordinary number of years to complete prescribed studies, the student is usually given the option of meeting requirements in effect when first enrolled, or of meeting revised requirements subsequently approved by Senate.

Interpretation of the requirements will be provided in normal cases by the dean of the faculty concerned, but where differences occur the interpretation of the Registrar shall govern.

Some faculties indicate degree standing on graduation based on the average for the degree as follows: Class I, 80% or over; Class II, 65% to 79%; Pass, 50% to 64%.

Degree standings in faculties that grant initial degrees are designated as Class I, Class II, and Pass when the degree is granted based on the average percentage grade of all upper-level (300 or higher) courses used to satisfy the degree requirements (excluding courses graded as Pass/Fail). When a student has passed courses that are surplus to degree requirements, the courses with the highest grades among those that satisfy these requirements will be used in calculating the degree standing. The average percentage grade calculated to determine degree standing will appear on the transcript as the degree average.

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