Compliance with Health Safety Requirements

In response to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, UBC Risk Management Services has created the COVID-19 Campus Rules, pursuant to the UBC Board of Governors Health and Safety Policy, to impede the spread of COVID-19 at UBC. The COVID-19 Campus Rules can be found here:

All students at UBC must comply with the COVID-19 Campus Rules.

In addition to the requirements of the COVID-19 Campus Rules, some Faculties and Schools may require proof of approved COVID-19 vaccination for certain programs or courses to comply with the requirements of third parties, including but not limited to health authorities, governments, employers, and other institutions through which practica, co-operative education programs, or other experiential learning opportunities are offered. Compliance with those requirements may be required to remain registered in those programs or courses.

The Registrar shall be responsible for placing students who fail to comply with the COVID-19 Campus Rules on an academic hold that blocks access to grades, transcripts, application to new/changed programs and registration in subsequent terms/sessions. Continued or repeated non-compliance shall lead to de-registration from courses that required in-person attendance in class or other activities at any facilities operated by UBC, including examinations or other assessment, in the current term and for any subsequent terms and sessions. The Registrar shall be responsible for de-registering such students. Deans of Faculties shall be responsible for de-registering students who fail to comply with third-party or Faculty or School based regulations. Prior to a student being placed on an academic hold, the Registrar must make reasonable efforts to communicate to students informing them of this regulation and how they may comply with the COVID-19 Campus Rules to have the hold either not applied or removed. Prior to de-registration, Deans must make reasonable efforts to communicate with affected students and advise them of options available to them, including possible academic accommodations or academic concessions. The above notwithstanding, the University may subject a student to discipline or require them to Withdraw for Unsatisfactory Conduct for failure to abide by any University regulation, including this regulation.

Students who believe these regulations are being improperly applied by either the Registrar or their Dean may appeal such a matter as an appeal of academic standing.

Page last updated: December 1, 2022

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