4. Procedures at the Hearing

4.1 A quorum for any hearing before the Committee shall consist of at least four voting members, or any lesser number if that is agreed to by the appellant and the Faculty.

4.2 A member of the Committee shall not take part in an appeal where to do so would involve the member of the Committee in a conflict interest (e.g., conflict of duty).

4.3 At the hearing, subject to the rulings of the Committee, the following order should be followed:

  1. the appellant may make an opening statement;
  2. the appellant may call and examine such witnesses as the appellant sees fit;
  3. the Faculty may cross-examine any of the witnesses called by the appellant, including, where appropriate, the appellant;
  4. the Faculty may make such opening statement as it sees fit;
  5. the Faculty may call and examine such witnesses as it sees fit;
  6. the student may cross-examine any of the Faculty's witnesses;
  7. the appellant may make a closing statement;
  8. the Faculty may make a closing statement; and
  9. the appellant may respond to any matters arising out of the Faculty's statement to which the appellant has not yet spoken.

4.4 The Committee may request that it be provided with further information other than that supplied initially by the appellant or the Faculty. Without limiting this general power if, after a hearing, the Committee is of the opinion that it requires further information in order to reach a decision, it may either ask that that information be supplied at a further hearing or, without a hearing, it may ask that the information be supplied to it in writing. In the latter case, both the appellant and the Faculty must be given the opportunity of commenting on the information so supplied before the Committee reaches a final decision.

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