8. President's Committee

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8.1 The President's Committee is constituted to conduct hearings on alleged academic misconduct and to report its findings to the President, who then decides what discipline, if any, should be imposed pursuant to section 61 of the University Act. The Chair of the President's Committee may set down rules for President's Committee hearings and may alter these rules from time to time. The rules need not conform to an adversarial model and inquiry model rules may be applied. See the Rules for President's Advisory Committee on Student Discipline.

8.2 The President's Committee will notify the student of the date for the hearing into the allegation and provide the student with a copy of the Statement of Case. The President's Committee will provide the Initiator with a copy of the Statement of Response.

8.3 The Registrar, in consultation with the Chair of the President's Committee, may place the student on academic hold until the President has made his or her final decision.

8.3.1 A student may write to the Registrar to request the academic hold be removed. The request must include an explanation of why such an academic hold is not appropriate in the circumstances. The Registrar, in consultation with the Chair of the President's Committee, will determine if the request will be granted.

8.4 The President's Committee may arrange for witnesses to attend a hearing or otherwise require the Initiator or the student to provide additional information relevant to the President's Committee's determination.

8.5 At the conclusion of the hearing, the President's Committee will review the evidence submitted to it, including the Statement of Case submitted by the Initiator and the Statement of Response submitted by the student involved, and may consider all issues relevant to the allegation in making a determination as to whether, on a balance of probabilities, the student committed the alleged academic misconduct. The President's Committee will submit a report of its findings (including any findings with respect to extenuating circumstances) to the President, who will decide what disciplinary measures, if any, are to be taken under section 61 of the University Act.

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