The Academic Calendar is a comprehensive guide to all programs, courses, services, and academic policies at the University of British Columbia. The Calendar also serves as a record of many University academic policies and procedures. The online Calendar is the official Calendar. Changes are incorporated online at intervals throughout the year.


  • Academic Year (academicyear.cfm)
  • Dates and Deadlines (index.cfm?go=deadlines)
  • Drop/Withdrawal Dates (index.cfm?tree=3,51,871,0)
  • Term and Examination Dates (

Undergraduate Studies

  • Admissions (index.cfm?tree=2,0,0,0)
    • Undergraduate Admission Procedure (index.cfm?tree=2,27,0,0)
    • Application and Document Deadlines (index.cfm?tree=2,345,0,0)
  • Undergraduate Tuition (index.cfm?tree=14,339,1031,0)
  • All Academic Programs (index.cfm?go=programs)
    • Bachelor of Arts Program (index.cfm?tree=18,282,857,0)
      • Arts Degree Requirements (index.cfm?tree=18,282,857,1084)
    • Bachelor of Science Program (index.cfm?tree=18,282,858,0)
      • Science Degree Requirements (index.cfm?tree=18,282,858,1065)
  • Course Schedule (
  • New Courses (newcourses.cfm)

Graduate Studies

  • Admissions (index.cfm?tree=18,285,998,0)
  • Graduate Tuition (index.cfm?tree=14,339,1032,0)
  • Awards and Scholarships (index.cfm?tree=18,285,1001,0)

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