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In addition to the general policies and regulations set out in Policies and Regulations (www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,0,0,0) the following academic regulations listed apply to undergraduate students in this Faculty.

Academic Standing

Supplementary to the University's policy on Academic Standing (www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,41,91,0), the regulations below are applicable to B.A. students in this Faculty.

On Academic Probation

On Academic Probation will be assigned to a student who, while not falling under the provisions for Failed standing, has:

A student placed On Academic Probation at the end of the Winter Session will normally be allowed to register in a maximum of 9 credits in the following term. This restriction may be waived at the discretion of the Faculty. The credit restriction will only be enforced if the student is notified before the subsequent term begins.

On Academic Probation is changed to In Good Standing if a student's cumulative average in the term in which he or she was on Academic Probation is 55% or higher.

Failed Standing

A student placed on Failed standing for the first time will normally be required to discontinue his or her studies for a period of one academic year (12 months) prior to resuming his or her program of study. A student who already has a Failed standing on his or her academic record (from any UBC program) will be required to withdraw from the University and may only be readmitted under the Advancement Regulations (www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,41,93,0). Failed standing will be assigned at the end of the Winter Session (April) based on performance in that session. The evaluation will consider all courses taken in the session. Failed standing will be assigned to a student who has:

Courses taken in the Summer Session are not taken into consideration for assigning Failed standing, although they are applicable for On Academic Probation.

Dean's List

Students in any Winter Session with a sessional average of at least 85% while taking 24 or more credits will receive the notation "Dean's List" on their official transcript of academic record.

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