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Major in Geography

The Geography Major draws on academic material from both the human and physical areas within the discipline. Curriculum emphasis is on the development of both theory and methodology, and on the practical application of geographical concepts to environmental, economic, social, and cultural problems at global to local scales, with emphasis on issues pertinent to southern British Columbia and Canada. The immediate focus of the Geography Major is on solving problems related to the environment, our use of resources, and development. By focusing on these, the Geography Major provides students with a specialized program that addresses issues of increasing concern and interest to Canadians. On entering the program, students should consult with the Geography program advisor to develop a curriculum plan for their last 60 credit hours of study. Before completing the last 30 credit hours of their degree, students should again have their program reviewed by the program advisor.

First and Second Years

B.A. requirements (www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=18,282,857,1480 ), including the following:

Third and Fourth Years

Minor in Geography

To complete a Minor in Geography, students must accumulate no fewer than 30 credits in Geography out of the 120 credits required for the B.A. degree. At least 18 of these credits must be numbered 300 or above.

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