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For allegations of academic misconduct for which a hearing before the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline had started by September 6, 2022, the previous version of the provisions as they existed prior to the revisions apply, and that prior version can be found here:

1.1 Academic integrity is essential to the continued functioning of UBC as an institution of higher learning and research. All applicants to UBC programs are responsible for ensuring that all application materials they submit to UBC are true and complete and all UBC students are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community. Breaching those expectations or failing to follow the applicable policies, regulations, rules, or guidelines with respect to academic integrity constitutes academic misconduct and may have serious consequences.

1.2 It is the obligation of all students to inform themselves of the applicable standards for academic integrity. Students must be aware that standards at UBC may be different from those in secondary schools or at other institutions. If a student is in any doubt as to the standard of academic integrity in a particular course or assignment, then the student must consult with the instructor as soon as possible. In no case should a student submit an assignment if the student is not clear on the relevant standard of academic integrity.

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