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For allegations of academic misconduct for which a hearing before the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline had started by September 6, 2022, the previous version of the provisions as they existed prior to the revisions apply, and that prior version can be found here:

4.1 If the alleged academic misconduct occurs in a UBC credit course, the instructor will usually be the first to review the facts of the allegations, which will usually involve providing the student with an opportunity to meet to discuss the alleged misconduct as well as any extenuating circumstances. If the instructor concludes that misconduct has occurred, the instructor must report the allegations in accordance with the procedures established by the Dean of the Faculty in which the course was offered or to the Dean of the Faculty in which a graduate student is registered for allegations involving a graduate student, or where no such procedures exist, directly to the Dean of that Faculty.

4.2 In turn, the Dean may report the initial allegation to the Registrar and give notice of the same to the President’s Committee. At this point or at any other point during the ensuing process, the Registrar, who may consult with the Chair of the President’s Committee, may place the student on academic hold pending the outcome of the allegation. Examples when the Registrar may implement an academic hold include, but is not limited to, where the student is nearing the end of their program or studies, is in a position to transfer to another institution, or is delaying the discipline process. The Registrar, upon placing the student on academic hold, will notify the student of the academic hold by email or by traditional postal mail using the e-mail or traditional mailing address provided by the student to UBC through UBC’s Student Service Centre.

4.3 When a student is placed on academic hold, the student is blocked from future course registration or admission to any program and UBC will not issue transcripts or a degree for that student.

4.4 A student may write to the Registrar to request that the academic hold be removed. The request must include an explanation of why such an academic hold is not appropriate in the circumstances. The Registrar, who may consult with the Chair of the President's Committee, will determine if the request will be granted.

4.5 For undergraduate students, alleged academic misconduct that occurs outside of a UBC credit course must be reported to the Dean of the applicable Faculty or, if there is doubt as to which is the applicable Faculty, to the Dean of the Faculty in which the student is registered.

4.6 For graduate students, alleged academic misconduct that occurs outside of a UBC credit course (for example, in comprehensive exams, theses or dissertations, thesis or dissertation proposals, and research projects) must be reported to the graduate advisor or graduate program coordinator of the graduate program in which the graduate student is enrolled, who will then follow the steps set out above for instructors under section 4.1.

4.7 Assignment of grades is a matter of academic merit. The instructor, graduate advisor, or graduate program coordinator (or such other person who is responsible for assessing the undergraduate or graduate student’s work) may re-evaluate the academic merit of the student’s work at issue, taking into consideration the results of any review under this section. On the re-evaluation of the academic work impacted by the academic misconduct, only the academic merit of a student’s work is to be assessed and the evaluator is not permitted to impose a disciplinary measure beyond their academic assessment. The evaluator may:

4.8 For the purposes of these Calendar “Discipline for Academic Misconduct” provisions, “Dean” means:

4.9 The Dean may delegate any of the Dean’s authority under these “Discipline for Academic Misconduct” provisions to any person(s) in the Faculty. Notwithstanding any delegation, the Dean retains overall responsibility for ensuring decisions in matters of student conduct are made appropriately.

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