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For allegations of academic misconduct for which a hearing before the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline had started by September 6, 2022, the previous version of the provisions as they existed prior to the revisions apply, and that prior version can be found here:

7.1 Under section 61 of the University Act UBC’s President is given the power to suspend students and to deal summarily with any matter of student discipline. The President's Advisory Committee on Student Discipline ("President’s Committee") is constituted by the President to conduct hearings on alleged academic misconduct and to report its findings to the President, who then decides what discipline, if any, should be imposed pursuant to section 61 of the University Act. All authority under the University Act remains vested in the President. The President is not bound to accept the findings of the President’s Committee and the President may take any further fact finding or other actions the President decides are appropriate. The President has provided the Chairs of the President's Committee with the authority to determine the rules for the hearing held by their Committee ("Rules"), which will be made available on the website of the Office of the University Counsel and may be amended from time to time. The Rules need not be based on an adversarial model and an inquiry-based model may be applied. See the Rules for the President’s Committees (

7.2 Allegations of academic misconduct will be referred to the President’s Committee by the Registrar or Dean (the "Initiator" under the Rules), and the student will respond to the allegations, in the manner set out in the Rules. The President’s Committee will conduct a hearing into the allegations in the manner set out in the Rules.

7.3 At the conclusion of its hearing of the case, the President's Committee will review the information submitted to it, including the Statement of Case submitted by the Initiator and the Statement of Response submitted by the student, and may consider all issues relevant to the allegation in making a determination as to whether, on a balance of probabilities, the student committed the alleged academic misconduct. The President's Committee will submit a report of its findings (including any findings with respect to extenuating or aggravating circumstances) to the President, who will decide what disciplinary measures, if any, are to be taken under section 61 of the University Act. The President may take into account the student’s academic misconduct record, as defined in section 5.6, when deciding what disciplinary measures will be imposed.

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