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For allegations of academic misconduct for which a hearing before the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline had started by September 6, 2022, the previous version of the provisions as they existed prior to the revisions apply, and that prior version can be found here:

9.1 Under section 61 of the University Act, UBC’s President is given the power to deal summarily with any matter of student discipline. Nothing in this Calendar restricts the power and authority of the President to deal summarily with any matter of student discipline and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the President may deviate from or modify the process set out in these Calendar provisions at any time, either generally or for a particular case of alleged academic misconduct.

9.2 The President may impose any disciplinary measures the President determines are appropriate for acts of academic misconduct including, but not limited to, one or more of the following:

9.3 If the President suspends a student, the student may not participate in UBC activities during the suspension, including but not limited to attending or auditing classes. In addition, the student will not receive credit for courses taken at other institutions during the suspension.

9.4 If the President has imposed a notation on a student’s transcript, the student may normally apply to the President for removal of the notation after the period of time specified in the President’s disciplinary decision but the President may decide not to permit such an application.

9.5 The laying of criminal charges or the commencement of civil proceedings does not preclude the commencement of disciplinary proceedings or the imposition of disciplinary measures against a student who has committed academic misconduct.

9.6 Students should be aware that the disciplinary measures imposed by the President upon a student may have other consequences. For example, international students may be required to report changes relevant to their study permits to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

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