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Student Conduct and Discipline > Discipline for Academic Misconduct > 7. Student's Responsibilities

7.1 Upon receipt of a Statement of Case and the notice of hearing from the President's Committee, the student must submit a completed Statement of Response in the form prescribed by the Office of the University Counsel. The Statement of Response must set out all facts relevant to the student's defence and include all documentary evidence upon which the student intends to rely and a list of witnesses who will be called by the student at the hearing before the President’s Committee.

7.2 The student is responsible for responding to the allegations at the hearing before the President's Committee and arranging for witnesses, if any, to attend on behalf of the student. If the student is unable or unwilling to participate in a hearing within a reasonable period of time, the President's Committee may proceed with the hearing, or the Chair of the President's Committee may recommend to the President that the student remain on academic hold (or both) until the President has made his or her final decision.

7.3 The student may be represented or assisted at the hearing before the President's Committee by any person, including legal counsel. If the student is to be represented by legal counsel, then the student must inform the President's Committee and the Office of the University Counsel at least ten working days prior to the hearing. The University Counsel may designate legal counsel to assist the Initiator at the hearing.

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