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  • The undergraduate's gown is black in colour and of the ordinary stuff material, of ankle length, and with long sleeves and the yoke edged with khaki cord.
  • The master's gown is the same as the undergraduate's, without cord.
  • The Ph.D. regalia consists of a gown, Cambridge style, of maroon silk material with front facing panel and sleeves of UBC blue with gold piping; hood, Cambridge pattern, blue silk outside and gold lining; cap, decanal bonnet, of maroon silk with gold cord and tassel.
  • The Ed.D. regalia consists of a gown similar in style to that of the Ph.D. but of black stuff; hood American style with lining of light blue and with chevron of University blue, white and gold; cap, decanal bonnet of black stuff with gold cord and tassel.
  • The D.M.A. regalia is similar to that of Ed.D. with hood lined with alizarin crimson and a chevron of University blue and gold.

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