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Students in the Applied Biology1 program explore the real-world application of the life sciences to the management of land, plants, animals and food production. The program emphasizes critical thinking, practical involvement, and a systems approach that integrates technical knowledge with sustainability and ethics. The program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in sustainable food production and the responsible use of natural resources.

Students choose one of three program majors:

Applied Animal Biology

Applied Animal Biology is intended for students who want to study and/or work with animals. It provides students with fundamentals of animal behaviour, animal physiology and related fields as applied to farm, companion and other animals. It also exposes students to the role of animals in human society and the ethical, environmental and other issues that arise. It offers training in research skills needed for graduate work, and (with appropriate selection of courses) prepares students for admission to veterinary and human medicine. Students have various options to gain practical experience on farms and in laboratories, animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres.

Applied Plant and Soil Sciences

Applied Plant and Soil Sciences integrates diverse topics in soil-water-plant-atmosphere systems with a focus on the science underpinning ecosystem management and crop production. Students have the flexibility to emphasize a major area of interest such as climate change, pollution, food security, crop protection or land reclamation. Students develop basic scientific knowledge plus skills in critical thinking and effective communication.

Food and Environment

Food and Environment focuses on the application of agroecological concepts and principles to the design and management of food production systems. It brings together agricultural sciences, ecology, and environmental thought to provide the background to issues surrounding the management of land and water to produce food, other agricultural products, and ecological services. Students can tailor their learning experiences to specific interests including resource economics, conservation, integrated agro-ecosystem management, water pollution and self-directed areas of study. Students can gain hands-on experience at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm.

1The Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology (offered by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems) is distinct from both the Bachelor of Applied Science and the Bachelor of Science degrees.

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