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Integrated Engineering

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Integrated Engineering (IGEN) is a multi-disciplinary engineering program that places a strong focus on team-based engineering design by means of three full year project courses. In addition to developing a broad foundation in engineering, the student develops primary and secondary knowledge in specific engineering disciplines via 18 credits of technical electives in third and fourth year.

Completion of a B.A.Sc. in Integrated Engineering will normally take four years of study. Students may enter the program from first-year Applied Science or via transfer from the first-year Science or Engineering transfer program at a community college. Students entering from first-year Science will normally have course deficiencies that must be made up. Consult the IGEN Student Advisor for assistance in such cases.

There is a Co-operative Education option (Co-op) where students normally take eight academic semesters and five Co-op semesters over a five-year period. Students normally apply for Co-op between January of first year and September of the second year of the program. Visit Engineering Co-op for more information.

All inquiries concerning the program should be directed to the Program Director. See Integrated Engineering for contact information.

Integrated Engineering Program

Second Year
APSC 278 3
APSC 279 1
CHBE 241 3
CHBE 244 3
CIVL 215 4
CPEN 312 3
ELEC 204 4
ELEC 205 1
IGEN 2011 3
IGEN 230 6
MATH 253 3
MATH 255 3
MECH 260 3
Total Credits 40
Third Year
CHBE 344 3
COMR 280 3
ELEC 344 3
IGEN 330 6
MECH 360 3
MECH 375 3
MTRL 280 3
STAT 251 3
One of CHBE 356, ELEC 341 4
Technical electives2 6
Complementary Studies electives3 3
Total Credits 40
Fourth Year
APSC 450 2
CIVL 305 3
IGEN 430 6
MTRL 340 3
One of MINE 455 or MINE 465 3
One of CHBE 459, CIVL 403, ELEC 481, MECH 431, MINE 396, MTRL 455 3
Technical electives2 12
Complementary Studies electives3 3
Total Credits 35
1 Students failing IGEN 201 will be required to pass APSC 201 subsequently.
2 Of the 18 credits of technical electives, 9 credits must be in one engineering discipline and 6 in another discipline. Several elective streams are possible. Consult the IGEN Student Advisor for assistance.
3 See Complementary Studies Courses.

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