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Environment and Society

Minor in Environment and Society

The Minor in Environment and Society allows students to consider and explore both the consequences of humankind’s actions on the environment and how the accumulating impact of these actions increasingly affects us. Some science content is included, as it is essential to understanding the effect our actions and decisions have on the environment and human health. However, the majority of content is examined from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences, through the Arts disciplines that focus on the human experience; provide insight into the origins of the wide range of issues related to our place in and interaction with the environment; consider our ethical obligations to each other and future generations; and examine the political, economic, and social strategies that might be employed to address environmental problems and promote a sustainable society.

The Minor in Environment and Society allows students to complement their major program of study with an interdisciplinary minor drawn from the large number of relevant courses offered by Arts, Science and other faculties.

It consists of 21 credits: 15 credits from List A (Environment and Society) and 6 credits from List B (Environmental Sciences), specified below. At least 18 of these credits must be taken at the 300-level or above. A maximum of 3 credits taken at the 100- or 200-level is permitted towards the minor. Some courses listed below may not be offered every year. Moreover, many of the courses listed below have prerequisites. Students should therefore plan their courses of study in advance. Students enrolled in faculties other than Arts who are interested in the Minor in Environment and Society should consult an advisor in their home faculty.

A) Environment and Society (15 credits)

ANTH 360
ANTH 461
ANTH 462
CONS 101
CONS 200
CONS 440
ECON 371
ECON 374
ECON 471
ECON 472
FRST 415
FRST 470
GEOG 310
GEOG 312
GEOG 316
GEOG 317
GEOG 318
GEOG 319
GEOG 410
GEOG 412
GEOG 419
GEOG 423
HIST 106
HIST 396
PHIL 435
POLI 351
POLI 375
PSYC 321
SOCI 360
SOCI 420

B) Environmental Sciences (6 credits)

APBI 244
ASIC 200
BIOL 121
BIOL 304 or BIOL 230
BIOL 343
BIOL 345
BIOL 346
CONS 330
ENVR 200
EOSC 112
EOSC 314
EOSC 315
FRST 303
FRST 304
GEOB 102
GEOB 103
GEOB 204
GEOB 207
GEOB 307
MICB 300 or MICB 301
The Faculty of Science offers many other courses relevant to the environment that have significant prerequisites. Students with adequate prerequisites should consult the program Chair for permission to have these courses satisfy the list B requirement.

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