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Academic Concession

Bachelor of Arts students unable to complete mid-term or final exams or other graded work due to conflicting responsibilities or unforeseen circumstances are advised to contact Arts Academic Advising as soon as possible to discuss Academic Concession. Students registered with Centre for Accessibility whose studies are adversely impacted by their disability should contact their Accessibility Advisor at the Centre for Accessibility.

Students requesting Academic Concession are required to complete an application form and provide supporting documentation, as requested. Requests for Academic Concession must be submitted by the deadline. In most cases, students will need to speak directly with an Academic Advisor. Academic Concessions are granted only by Academic Advisors in Arts Academic Advising, typically in consultation with instructors, and are a privilege, not a right. Academic Concessions that may be granted include Standing Deferrals for final exams or final coursework, and Late Withdrawals if the extenuating circumstance impacted the student throughout the term(s). In other cases, in-term concession for course work or attendance may be considered. Except in rare and exceptional circumstances, no concession will be provided for exams which have already been written.

Students granted a Standing Deferred are responsible for making satisfactory arrangements for completion of outstanding course requirements. If the outstanding work is a final examination, students have the opportunity to write a deferred exam through Enrolment Services during the Deferred Exam Period. In some exceptional cases instructors may be able to provide an earlier exam sitting, but they are neither expected nor required to do so. Note that some departments permit students to write deferred exams with the next regularly scheduled final exam sitting for the course; students should consult the relevant department. If the deferred work is something other than a final exam, students must consult their instructor. If a student fails to complete deferred requirements by the deadline for completing all Standing Deferred course work, the Standing Deferred will be replaced with a grade or standing that reflects requirements completed in the course.

Students unable to meet the deadline for completion of Standing Deferred course work because of additional extenuating circumstances must contact Arts Academic Advising as soon as possible. Extensions will not be granted for deferred requirements, but alternative academic concessions may be considered if students submit documentation of new circumstances preventing completion of the course. See also Academic Concession and Grading Practices.

Students with Standing Deferred credits should reduce their course load in the session immediately following (Summer or Winter) by the equivalent number of credits. For example, if a student has 3 credits deferred from the Winter session, that student should not enrol in more than 9 credits in the following Summer session, although the permitted maximum is 12.

Students requesting academic concession may be required to formulate and follow an academic plan which could include a reduction in course load; a commitment to an on-going program of medical care, counselling services, or support from the Centre for Accessibility; or other appropriate actions. This plan may be developed in consultation with health-care professionals as well as Arts Academic Advising. Ongoing support from the academic unit may require periodic updates from the student on their academic plan and/or the submission of documentation from a treating health professional or other source of personal support. This documentation might be a "Statement of Illness" form obtained from the Student Health Service, or an informative letter from the attending physician, from Counselling Services, or from another recognized counselor.

Repeated requests for academic concession based on same or similar reasons, failure to comply with an established plan, or failure to progress in completing classes for ongoing extenuating circumstances may result in a limitation on the number of credits allowed for registration or a hold preventing registration. These restrictions will be lifted when the student is able to provide documentation, from a medical or counselling professional or from the Centre for Accessibility, of a nature sufficient to satisfy the University that the student is ready to continue studies.

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