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Degree Requirements for Middle Years Teacher Education

This option is now being offered as a cohort within the Elementary & Middle Years Teacher Education option; the calendar entry applies only to students currently in the program.

For degree requirements for incoming students, please visit the following website.

Individuals interested in Middle Years Teacher Education should apply through the Elementary & Middle Years Teacher Education option.

The Middle Years 12-month option, which extends over three consecutive university terms (September to August), is open to graduates holding a minimum three-year degree (academic equivalent to a UBC bachelor’s degree) at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Graduates of the Middle Years option focus their preparation on teaching students from the ages of 10 to 14 years.

Four specializations are offered: English, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. Applicants to the program must prepare one of the four specializations. The program offers curriculum and pedagogy both for specialization and also for generalist teaching.

After completing all program requirements, students are awarded the Bachelor of Education (Middle Years) degree and are normally eligible for a British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate.

Teacher candidates in the Middle Years option are encouraged to develop a disposition toward inquiry and research through course work, inquiry seminars, and practicum experiences. Strands woven throughout the program include: 1) inquiry and dialogical understanding; 2) curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment; 3) diversity, social justice, and aboriginal perspectives; 4) language, literacies, and cultures; and 5) field experiences. Field experiences occur in Middle School settings, grades 5-8, as well as in alternate enhanced settings such as museums, art galleries, and international schools.

Middle Years Degree Requirements

EDUC 315 2
EDUC 323 1
EDUC 419 12
EDUC 430 1
EDUC 440 3
EDUC 450 2
EDUC 451 2
EDUC 452 2
EDCP 301 2
EDCP 308 2
EDCP 3201 2
EDCP 3311 2
EDCP 340 2
EDCP 3491 2
EPSE 308 3
EPSE 310 2
EPSE 311 1
EPSE 317 3
EDST 401 3
EDST 403 1
EDST 404 1
LLED 350 3
LLED 3511 2
LLED 352 2
LLED 353 2
Total Credits 60
Total Credits (French specialists and generalists) 60-62
1 Other courses may replace this course for French specialists and generalists. These courses may be more than 2 credits.

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