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Students may apply to enter the B.S.F. program with varying educational preparation:

  1. directly from secondary school graduation;
  2. following completion of university-level work at UBC or the equivalent at another post-secondary institution;
  3. after the completion of a two-year forestry diploma program at a recognized college or institute of technology;
  4. from an approved one- or two-year forestry transfer program at a BC college; or
  5. following completion of a specified suite of courses at Nanjing Forestry University.1

1Details regarding which courses offered by Nanjing Forestry University constitute this suite may be found on the Faculty of Forestry's website. The number of applicants accepted through this application route will be limited to five per year for each of the two program majors. All university requirements for international applicants must be met. See Admissions.

Students entering from secondary school must have met the general University entrance requirements (see Admissions) and have completed Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12. They must also complete one of Biology 12, Chemistry 12, or Physics 12, as well as two of Biology 11, Chemistry 11, and Physics 11. Students that have completed more than one Grade 12 science course will have extra elective options in first year. It is recommended that students intending to enrol in the Forest Operations Major, Harvest Planning and Engineering Option, have Physics 12 and Calculus 12.

Meeting the minimum academic requirements outlined in this chapter and in Admissions does not guarantee admission to these programs. Due to limited enrolment, the admission of applicants will be determined competitively on the basis of admission average; however, preference may be given to those applicants who have indicated the Faculty of Forestry as their faculty of first choice.

Application for admission by students or graduates of other universities, colleges, or other faculties will be reviewed individually. It may be possible to design study programs for such applicants that meet Forestry degree requirements in less than the full four years. Transfer students may be required to validate advanced standing in a given subject by passing an examination.

Students who enter the B.S.F. program following the completion of at least 24 credits of work at UBC, or its equivalent at another post-secondary institution, must have attained an overall average of at least 60% in all credits attempted. Students entering with less than 24 credits of university-level work must also meet the secondary school requirements outlined above.

Applicants graduating from a two-year forestry technology diploma program must have achieved an overall average of at least 65% in their program, plus have the required secondary school courses as outlined above. Consideration will be given to individual cases of study in determining the exemptions that may be applied to the B.S.F. program.

Students must select one of two Major programs: Forest Resources Management or Forest Operations. Applicants who are uncertain about the selection of a Major, and those who lack some of the required courses but may have other advance credit, are urged to consult the Director of Student Services in the Faculty of Forestry.

To be eligible for the second year of Forest Resources Management or Forest Operations majors, students must have completed 30 credits or more of university-level work, including BIOL 121; MATH 100 and 101 (or [102 or 180] and 103 for the Forest Resources Management Major); and 18 credits selected from the following courses: 3 credits from 100-level English (ENGL 112 recommended); either CHEM (111 OR 123) or PHYS (100 or 101) or an equivalent; ECON 101 and 102; FRST 231; FRST 232; APBI 200; APBI 244 (or GEOB 204); PHYS 170 (Forest Operations Major only) or up to 6 credits of social science electives.

Students who complete the above courses will be placed in second year. Students who enter with less than 30 credits will normally take two additional years to reach third year.

Interested students in the Forest Resources Management Major may apply for the Bachelor of Science in Forestry – Master of Management Dual Degree Option. For details regarding this Dual Degree Option and application see here.

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