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Co-Operative Education Program

In addition to the four-year B.Sc. (Wood Products Processing) program, students can elect a five-year Co-operative Education Program with work term positions in industry. The Wood Products Processing Co-operative Education Program is designed to provide students with work experience integrated with their academic programs. The year-round program normally requires completion of five work terms of targeted employment in four-month co-operative work term sessions including one Winter and one Fall position. The five sessions are WOOD 300, 311, 312, 411 and 412. Successful completion of the Co-op Program requirements will also be acknowledged on the student's degree parchment. The Co-op program requires an additional year to complete the B.Sc. (Wood Products Processing) requirements.

Students in the program will register in and pay for the appropriate 3-credit Co-operative Education course for each work term once a suitable position is confirmed. See Program and Course Fees.

Students in the B.Sc. (Wood Products Processing) who wish to be considered for the Co-operative Education Program must apply in the fall term of their second year. To be able to participate in the job search process for the first co-op term, the student needs to have a 64% minimum cumulative average in required Wood Products Processing courses taken at UBC in first and second year, complete the required application, and have a successful interview with the Co-op Coordinator. Specific deadlines are available from the co-op office. In addition, students must attend Co-operative Education Program workshops and successfully complete WOOD 305 prior to their first work term. To be accepted into WOOD 311, students must have an average of 68% minimum in required Wood Products Processing courses taken at UBC in first and second year and maintain that average to stay in the Co-op Program.

To graduate from the Co-operative Education Program a student must complete the required number of work terms along with the normal academic requirements.

For more information please contact the Co-op Office.

Co-operative Education Program

First Year
Same as above 32
Second Year
Same as above 30 +5
Plus WOOD 3001 3
Third Year
WOOD 330 3
WOOD 335 3
WOOD 356 2
WOOD 373 3
WOOD 384 3
WOOD 386 3
Total Credits 17
WOOD 3111 3
WOOD 3121 3
Fourth Year
COMM 204 3
COMM 457 3
WOOD 440 3
WOOD 464 4
WOOD 465 3
WOOD 482 4
WOOD 485 3
WOOD 487 3
WOOD 492 3
WOOD 494 3
Electives2 3-6
Total Credits 35-38
WOOD 4111 3
Fifth Year
WOOD 461 3
WOOD 491 3
WOOD 499 6
Electives2 3-6
Total Credits 15-18
WOOD 4121 3
1 Co-operative work term.
2 Electives must be courses numbered 300 or above. To be chosen in consultation with the Program Director.

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