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Language and Literacy Education

Degree Offered: Ph.D.


Professors Emeriti

J. Anderson, S. Carey, M. Chapman, R. Jobe, M. Filipenko, B. Mohan, A. Paré, V. Purcell-Gates, K. Reeder, J. Shapiro, R. Tierney, G. Williams.


G. Belliveau, M. Bryson, T. Dobson, L. Gunderson, J. Hare, A. Henry, J. Jenson, M. Kendrick, G. Li, T. Rogers.

Associate Professors Emeriti

K. Slade, G. Tang.

Associate Professors

M. Asselin, C. K. Galla.

Assistant Professors

M. Corella, D. Gladwin.

Program Overview

The Department of Language and Literacy Education offers a program leading to a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education (LLED). Students can study in the areas of: Literacy Education, Teacher Librarianship, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Modern Language Education.

The Department of Language and Literacy Education is committed to excellence in scholarship, teaching, and professional leadership and is responsive to Canada's multicultural, multilingual context. Its goal is to advance the study of language learning, and the teaching and learning of language, literacy, and literature in their broadest frames of reference.

Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements, the Department of Language and Literacy Education requires:

  • a master's degree with high standing in a relevant educational discipline,
  • a sample of work demonstrating an ability to undertake research and scholarly writing,
  • a letter of intent describing the proposed focus and how it fits with the research programs of two or three faculty members as well as how it benefits the applicant,
  • the support of three referees including an assessment by at least two university instructors, preferably one of whom is the supervisor of the masters thesis, and
  • the equivalent of at least two years of successful teaching experience.

Program Requirements

  • normally, 18 to 24 credits or coursework (including the LLED 601 Doctoral Seminar
  • a comprehensive exam followed by an oral examination
  • a dissertation proposal
  • a doctoral dissertation

Contact Information

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