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Dual Degree Program Option in Kinesiology and Education

The Dual Degree Program Option in Kinesiology and Education offers qualified students the opportunity to earn a B.Kin. and B.Ed. in Secondary Education (Physical Education Specialization) in five Winter Sessions with some academic requirements to be completed in the summer. After meeting all of the requirements, students are normally eligible for a British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate.


Admission to the Dual Degree Program requires application to the Kinesiology Advising Office by January 31 of second year with approval by April in order to undertake a teaching practicum in the summer of Year 2.

Application for admission can be found online at the School of Kinesiology website or at the Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Office. Students apply in January of second year and must receive approval from the School of Kinesiology and the Faculty of Education. All students whose applications are successful will be admitted to the Faculty of Education beginning in summer of Year 2.

Continuation will require successful completion of both year two of the Kinesiology major and the in-school practicum in the summer of Year 2.

Admission at any time is conditional; maintenance of good academic standing and an average of at least 68% in each Session are required throughout. In addition, students must participate in volunteer or work experience with youth aged 13-18 to meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Education program. Students must satisfy all of the degree and specialization requirements for both the Bachelor of Kinesiology and the Bachelor of Education Secondary program. Some individual courses may be considered to satisfy requirements for both degrees.

Students must communicate with an advisor in the Kinesiology program and the Teacher Education Office annually after admission to the program to discuss their progress.

First Year (Winter)
ENGL 112 3
KIN 103 3
KIN 115A1 3
KIN 115B1 3
KIN 151 3
KIN 161 3
KIN 190 3
KIN 191 3
Electives 6
Total Credits2 30
Second Year (Winter)
KIN 215A1 3
KIN 215B1
KIN 230 3
KIN 231 3
KIN 261 3
KIN 275 3
KIN 284 3
ENGL 110, 120, or 1213 3
Electives 6
Total Credits2 30
Second Year (Summer)
EDUC 319 1
Total Credits2 1
Third Year (Winter)
KIN 362 or 367 3
KIN 366 3
KIN 369 3
KIN 371 3
EDST 401 3
LLED 360 3
Electives4 12
Total Credits2, 5, 6 30
Third Year (Summer)
EDUC 399 1
Total Credits2 1
Fourth Year (Winter)
KIN 303 3
KIN 400 3
KIN 415 3
EDCP 322A 3
EPSE 308 3
EPSE 317 3
Electives4 12
Total Credits2, 5, 6 30
Fourth Year (Summer)
EDST 403 1
EDST 404 1
EDUC 440 3
LLED 361 3
Electives4 3
Total Credits2 11
Fifth Year (Winter)
EDUC 315 2
EDUC 421 12
EDUC 430 1
EDUC 450 3
EDUC 451 3
EPSE 310 2
EPSE 311 1
EDCP Elective or 2nd Teaching Subject 3
EDCP Required Elective 3
Total Credits2, 6 30
Fifth Year (Summer)
EDUC 452 3
Total Credits2 3
Minimum Credits for Dual Degree Program Option 166
1 The 115 and 215 courses can be taken in any sequence.
2 Courses are NOT eligible for Cr/D/F grading.
3 Three additional English credits required for Education.
4 To be selected in consultation with a program advisor. It is recommended that students should consider courses that will prepare them for a second teaching field.
5 Must include 30 credits of KIN at the 300/400 level. Additionally, students must complete 48 credits at the 300 or 400 level.
6 Education courses sequence may vary where necessary in order to accommodate students' KIN schedule.

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