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Lower-level Requirements

Every student must complete (or have advance credit or placement in) the minimum requirements in physical sciences, computational sciences, biology or another science, and in laboratory science described below. See also the note on Science One below.

Advance credit or placement may be granted where appropriate when the equivalent of any or all of these courses is completed at another institution prior to admission to the University.

Note: All Lower-Level Requirements must be fulfilled before a student will be given fourth-year standing. See Promotion Requirements.

Students intending to apply for entry to another degree program at UBC or elsewhere should refer to the entrance requirements for each of those academic units. These requirements must be included within an option and specialization that meet the requirements of the Faculty of Science.

Students intending to do graduate work in the sciences are reminded that competence in the reading of scientific literature in one or two languages other than English is sometimes required.

Students are reminded that the regulations listed under Academic Performance and Continuation apply.

Computational Sciences

Students take one of MATH 100, 102, 104, 110, 180, 184, or 120 and 6 computational credits. These courses are normally in CPSC, MATH, or STAT. Some specializations may allow the completion of other computational courses to satisfy 3 credits of the requirement. These alternative courses are specified in the specialization descriptions.

Students who intend to pursue an honours specialization requiring 6 credits of calculus should consider MATH 120/121, as these enriched courses provide a foundation for such specializations.

Physical Sciences

Students take CHEM 111 or CHEM 100 if credit was not obtained for Chemistry 12 and 3 credits of 100-level PHYS (normally PHYS 100) if credit was not obtained for Physics 12. CHEM 100 and PHYS 100 do not count toward the minimum number of physical sciences credits required. All students take 6 to 8 credits of CHEM and/or PHYS lecture courses at the 100-level beyond CHEM 100 and PHYS 100.

Students who intend to pursue an honours specialization should consider PHYS 107/108/109, as these enriched courses provide a foundation for such specializations.

Biology Requirement

Students who do not have credit for Biology 11 or 12 take 3 credits of 100-level BIOL (usually BIOL 111). Students with credit for Biology 11 or 12 must successfully complete 3 credits of an ASTR, ATSC, BIOL, EOSC, or GEOB lecture course.

Laboratory Science

Students take two one-term laboratory courses chosen from ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, EOSC, GEOB, PHYS, and PSYC. These may be stand-alone labs or parts of lecture-lab courses included in other requirements listed above.

Additional Lower-level Courses

The requirements above set the minimum number of 100-level courses required. Students take additional courses chosen from Science or Arts as required to fulfill prerequisites for the intended area or areas of study. A B.Sc. program may include up to 18 credits from a faculty other than Science or Arts; see Credit at UBC and Elsewhere.

Science One (SCIE 001)

Students with credit for Science One (SCIE 001) and BIOL 140 have met all first-year biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics requirements for specializations in the Faculty of Science, and satisfy the lower-level requirements for physical sciences, biology, and laboratory science and 6 of the required 9 credits in computational science.

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