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Data Science (M.D.S.)

Degree Offered: Master of Data Science (M.D.S.)



Department of Computer Science: G.C. Murphy, T. Munzner, R. Ng.
Department of Statistics: P. Gustafson, M. Salibián-Barrera.

Associate Professors

Department of Statistics: J. Bryan

Assistant Professors

Department of Computer Science: M. Schmidt
Department of Statistics: A. Boucard-Côté

Master of Data Science

Program Overview

The Master of Data Science (M.D.S.) is a program administered by the Faculty of Science.

The Master of Data Science (M.D.S.) is a 10-month, non-thesis professional degree program consisting of 30 credits. The program focuses on utilizing descriptive and prescriptive techniques to extract and analyze data from both unstructured and structured forms and to communicate the findings of those analyses to guide prescriptive change in organizations. This program will educate students in the analysis of data for many different disciplines, such as health care, commerce, and utilities, and will help address the demand for skilled data science professionals in these areas.

This program is intended for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Statistics; however, all applicants may be considered upon review by the graduate program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general admission requirements for master's degrees set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Applicants must also provide proof of successful completion of:

  1. one course in programming (e.g., UBC CPSC 110 or APSC 160 or equivalent);
  2. one course in probability and/or statistics (e.g., UBC STAT 200 or STAT 241/251 or STAT 302 or equivalent); and,
  3. one course in calculus (e.g., UBC MATH 100 or equivalent) or one course in linear algebra (e.g., UBC MATH 221 or equivalent). Completion of a course in each of calculus and linear algebra is recommended.

Applicants must provide:

  • A statement of interest describing their academic background, future career goals and their interest in data science.
  • A résumé, including links to any relevant software or data science projects.
  • Three reference letters.

Upon admission, applicants will be required to provide a $1,000 (CAD) non-refundable deposit that will be applied to their first tuition instalment.

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements stated above, but who have had other significant formal training, relevant professional experience, and/or otherwise possess demonstrable knowledge or expertise that would prepare them adequately for successful study in the graduate program, may be granted admission on the recommendation of the Program Director and the approval of the Dean of Science.

Academic Regulations

This program will abide by the policies for master's degrees set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies with three exceptions:

  1. No transfer credit will be accepted for the M.D.S. program;
  2. All issues relating to academic standing and progress that are not resolved by the Program Director will be referred to the Dean of Science (not the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies).
  3. Only 3 credits of courses with grades in the C to C+ range (60-67%) may be counted towards the M.D.S. program. For all other courses, a minimum of 68% must be obtained.

Program Requirements

The M.D.S. is a 10-month, non-thesis degree program consisting of 30 credits:

  • DSCI 511 (1)
  • DSCI 512 (1)
  • DSCI 513 (1)
  • DSCI 521 (1)
  • DSCI 522 (1)
  • DSCI 523 (1)
  • DSCI 524 (1)
  • DSCI 525 (1)
  • DSCI 531 (1)
  • DSCI 532 (1)
  • DSCI 541 (1)
  • DSCI 542 (1)
  • DSCI 551 (1)
  • DSCI 552 (1)
  • DSCI 553 (1)
  • DSCI 554 (1)
  • DSCI 561 (1)
  • DSCI 562 (1)
  • DSCI 563 (1)
  • DSCI 571 (1)
  • DSCI 572 (1)
  • DSCI 573 (1)
  • DSCI 574 (1)
  • DSCI 575 (1)
  • DSCI 591 (6)

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance based on academic merit and financial need may be available. Students should consult the M.D.S. program website for more information.

Contact Information

Graduate Admissions
Department of Computer Science
201-2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604.822.1202
Fax: 604.822.5485
Joyce Poon, Graduate Program Administrator

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