The Academic Year for most Faculties begins on September 3, 2002 and ends on August 31, 2003. The last day of classes for the Winter Session, Term 1, is November 29, 2002. The last day of classes for Term 2 is April 9, 2003.

Winter Session

The Winter Session is divided into two terms: the first term, generally from early September to late December (although some studies begin in August) and the second term, generally from early January to the end of April (although some studies continue well into the month of May). During the Winter Session classes are offered in the evening as well as in the day.

Summer Session

Term 1 of Summer Session begins in early May and continues through July. Term 2 of Summer Session begins in early July and consists of six to nine weeks of study.

Distance Education & Technology courses are offered in a limited number of disciplines by Distance Education & Technology. Registration for most DE&T courses is at six specified intake periods during the year.

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Where an application deadline falls on a day the University is closed, applications will be accepted on the following working day. Offices are closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Note: all statutory holidays are subject to confirmation by UBC Human Resources.

Note: Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry, DMD, first and second years. Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry DMD undergraduate students will be provided with dates relating to the undergraduate program as soon as all dates are available and confirmed by the respective Faculties.

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