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Faculty of Arts

ACAM: Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies

ACAM 250 (3) Asian Canadians in Popular Culture
Popular culture's role in the production of Asian Canadian and diasporic communities, with emphasis on race, gender, sexuality, and other identity categories.
ACAM 300 (3) Dis/Orienting Asian Canada
The histories, cultures, social dynamics, and life experiences of Asian communities in Canada in the context of global migrations. Restricted to students with second year status or higher.
ACAM 320 (3/6) d Selected Topics in ACAM Studies
Selected Asian Canadian Asian Migration topics. Consult for this year's offerings.
Prerequisite: Restricted to students with at least Second year standing; a previous course in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies is recommended.
ACAM 350 (3) Asian Canadian Community-Based Media
Digital media production in the context of community engagement. Includes critical media literacy, community-based research ethics, project design, training in media forms such audio, video, photography, and web publishing.
ACAM 390 (3/6) d Asian Migrations in a Global Context
Transpacific, migratory and socio-cultural connections of Asian migrations in a global context.
Prerequisite: Minimum 2nd year standing, 3rd year standing recommended.
ACAM 447 (3/6) c Directed Studies in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration
General reading and/or a research undertaking within the scope of Asian Canadian and Asian Migration.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Chair of the ACAM program.

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