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Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts

CLCH: Classical Chinese

CLCH 389 (3) Introduction to Classical Chinese I (Non-Heritage)
The basics of classical Chinese grammar, with short illustrations from texts of the Warring States and early Han Period. Credit will be granted for only one of CLCH 389 or ASIA 389.
Prerequisite: One of CHIN 107, CHIN 108, CHIN 233, CHIN 234, JAPN 103, JAPN 151, JAPN 201, JAPN 260, KORN 200. Or placement approval.
CLCH 399 (3) Introduction to Classical Chinese II (Non-Heritage)
Practice and expansion of the grammar skills learned in CLCH 389; reading of additional and longer passages from the classical canon. Credit will be granted for only one of CLCH 399 or ASIA 399.
Prerequisite: One of CLCH 389, ASIA 389.
CLCH 401 (3) Advanced Readings in Classical Chinese
Focus on reading longer texts in Classical Chinese, producing careful and polished translation, using appropriate reference works and appreciating nuances of style and genre. Transition from textbook-based study to independent reading and scholarly translation necessary for advanced study and research.

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