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Library, Archival and Information Studies, Faculty of Arts

INFO: Information Studies

INFO 250 (3) Networks, Crowds, and Communities
Introduces network concepts and methods for exploring social and organizational connectivity for work, socializing, and knowledge production. Examines impact of social media on connections that span space and place; peer production on authority structures; ubiquitous mobile connectivity on daily life.
INFO 419 (3) Information Visualization
Basic theory and practice required to visually represent information. Introduces design principles and practical skills to create effective information visualizations. Examines effect of different visual representations on understanding and meaning.
Prerequisite: INFO 250.
INFO 456 (3) Information Policy and Society
Develops capabilities required to assess the need for information policies in professional contexts, evaluate relevant socio-technical dimensions and envision likely implications for specific communities and practice settings.
Prerequisite: INFO 250.

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