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Faculty of Arts

LAST: Latin American Studies

LAST 100 (3) Introduction to Latin American Studies
An overview of the culture and society of Latin America from ancient to contemporary times and from Argentina to Mexico.
LAST 201 (3) Popular Culture in Latin America
The culture of everyday life, both rural and urban: issues of identity, popular memory, resistance, negotiation, as expressed through ritual, crafts, the body, social movements, films, music, and literature.
LAST 205 (3) Issues of Development in Modern Latin America
Theory of development in the Latin American context: current problems and development alternatives.
LAST 301 (3) Human and Civil Rights in Latin America
Focuses on human rights movements; state violence and impunity; reform of criminal justice systems; rights of indigenous peoples, women, and minorities; international protection of human rights; the UN and inter-American systems.
LAST 303 (3) Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
Ethnohistory and contemporary cultures of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, Middle America, and South America. Different cultural areas or regions may be selected to illustrate the course's principal themes.

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