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Surgery, Faculty of Medicine

NEUR: Neurosurgery

NEUR 512 (2) Advanced Neurosurgery I
Selected topics in neurosurgery and the related basic sciences. Given in alternate years. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
NEUR 513 (2) Advanced Neurosurgery II
The second year of the above program. Given in alternate years. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
NEUR 730 (0) Correlative Clinical Neurosurgery Rounds
Residents meet with radiology, neuropathology, and active staff members for discussion of problem cases. One and one-half hours weekly.
NEUR 731 (0) Neurosurgery Professors Conference
One one-hour session weekly with a member of the active staff, conducted at the bedside or in conference room. Cases reviewed with emphasis on the proper application of diagnostic methods and the indications for operative management.
NEUR 732 (0) Neuroradiology
Sessions conducted by members of the Department of Radiology in which case histories are reviewed and related to radiological investigation and interpretation. One hour weekly.
NEUR 733 (0) Anatomy and Neuropathology in the Brain
Sessions conducted by a neuropathologist, Department of Pathology. Attended weekly by neurosurgical resident staff. Two hours weekly.
NEUR 734 (0) Operative Neurosurgery
Technique of neurosurgical procedures. Anatomy, surgical judgement, pre- and post-operative care. From a general selection of neurosurgical procedures, approximately 950 major neurosurgical procedures per year are carried out under supervision.

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