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Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts

PERS: Persian

PERS 100 (3) Basic Persian I
Basic vocabulary and the fundamentals of modern Persian grammar, structure, and pronunciation, as well as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
PERS 101 (3) Basic Persian II
Continuation of PERS 100.
Prerequisite: PERS 100.
PERS 104 (3) Persian Reading and Writing for Persian-Speaking Students
Reading and writing of standard Tehran Persian; lexical and syntactic differences between written and spoken Persian. This course prepares students for PERS 300.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of spoken Persian and consent of instructor.
PERS 200 (3) Intermediate Persian I
Reading of simple texts with emphasis on reading and writing, conversation skills, grammar, and syntax.
Prerequisite: PERS 101.
PERS 201 (3) Intermediate Persian II
Continuation of PERS 200.
Prerequisite: PERS 200.
PERS 300 (3) Advanced Persian I
Graded reading, writing, exposure to the writing system, textual history, newspaper reading, and translation. Cultural materials presented as appropriate. The art of calligraphy introduced.
Prerequisite: One of PERS 104, PERS 201.
PERS 301 (3) Advanced Persian II
Continuation of PERS 300.
Prerequisite: PERS 300.
PERS 400 (3) Persian Short Story for Native and Heritage Speakers
Literary works from mid-19th century to present. Restricted to native or heritage speakers of Persian.

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