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Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Faculty of Arts

POLS: Polish

POLS 200 (6) Beginner's Polish
Introduction to contemporary Polish. Oral practice, grammar, reading, writing.
POLS 300 (6) Intermediate Polish
Intermediate oral practice, grammar, reading, composition.
Prerequisite: POLS 200.
POLS 345 (3/6) d Introduction to Twentieth-Century Polish Literature
Readings and discussion of selected works of representative writers.
Prerequisite: POLS 210.
POLS 424 (3) Polish Literature and Film in Translation
Selected films and translated literature by Polish writers and filmmakers, with emphasis on the interaction between politics and literature.
POLS 426 (3) The German Nazi Holocaust in Polish Literature and Film (in English)
The German Nazi Holocaust in Polish Literature and film.

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