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Faculty of Arts

RGST: Study of Religion

RGST 200 (3) Introduction to the Study of Religion
Study of religion through a comparative, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary approach to humans' engagement with the sacred. Examines religions as complex systems that share certain fundamental common features.
RGST 300 (3) Theory and Method in the Study of Religion
Theories and methods for the critical study of religion as believed and practiced in different times and places. Explores methodologies for studying dimensions of religion such as space, bodily practices, cognition, and material culture.
Prerequisite: RGST 200.
RGST 330 (3) The Science of Religion
Explaining religious belief and practice using approaches and methodologies from evolutionary and cognitive science. Topics include gene-culture coevolution, ritual and supernatural belief, religion in groups, and digital humanities techniques.
Prerequisite: RGST 200.
RGST 400 (3) Advanced Seminar in the Study of Religion
Seminar focused on a special theme in the interdisciplinary study of religion (e.g., religious violence, religion and the secular, religious space). Analysis of the theme's contemporary manifestations and implications, through discussion of recent scholarship, both theoretical and case studies.
Prerequisite: RGST 300.
RGST 499 (6) Honours Thesis
Undergraduate thesis on a subject in the study of religion. Restricted to students admitted to the Honours Program in the Study of Religion.

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