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Faculty of Forestry

UFOR: Urban Forestry

UFOR 100 (3) Greening the City
Roles played by urban forestry and greenspace systems in a rapidly changing world; topics include urban ecology, urban forest conservation, urban forest management, climate change, society and human well-being, design and planning, urban/rural interface issues, and urban forest policy. [2-0-2]
UFOR 200 (3) Urban Forests and Well-Being
Basic relationships between urban residents’ mental and physical well-being and their urban forest environment. [2-0-2]
Prerequisite: UFOR 100.
UFOR 300 (3) Arboriculture Principles and Practice
Sustainable practice within the arboricultural discipline with emphasis on a comprehensive understanding of techniques and equipment used in a range of arboricultural operations. [3-1-0]
Prerequisite: UFOR 200.
UFOR 400 (3) Urban Forestry Field School
Development of field skills, professional judgment, critical reflection, and integration of theory, practice, and policy. Offered at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest over a 7-day period in April. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Prerequisite: UFOR 200. And third year standing in the B.U.F. program.
UFOR 401 (6) Integrated Urban Forestry Capstone Studio
Integration of biophysical and socio-economic components of urban greenspace management and planning through within a collaborative holistic group project linked to a real-world urban forestry situation. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. [3-6-0]
Prerequisite: All of UFOR 300, UFOR 400. And fourth year standing in the B.U.F. program.
UFOR 402 (3) Urban Forestry Administration, Policy and Law
The administrative, legal, policy, and business environments for urban forestry governance, management, and planning. [3-1-0]
Prerequisite: UFOR 300. And third year standing.
UFOR 403 (3) Ecological Restoration
Ecological principles relevant to restoration of ecosystems are applied to the restoration of several types of ecosystems. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. [3-1-0]
Prerequisite: One of FRST 201, BIOL 230. And third year standing
UFOR 449 (1-6) c Directed Studies in Urban Forestry
In special cases and with the approval of the instructor concerned, a student may carry out directed studies on a specific topic/problems in Urban Forestry and related greenspace planning, management, or governance.

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