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Vice-President, Research & Innovation

G. C. Murphy, B.Sc. (Alta.), M.Sc, Ph.D. (Wash.)

Animal Care

I. Welch, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Ontario Veterinary College), Diploma in Laboratory Animal Pathology (Guelph), Ontario Veterinary College, Good Laboratory Practice (Certified Professional) - CFPIE (Guelph), University Veterinarian


B. Simonite, BASc. (Br. Col.), MBA (S. Fraser), P. Eng

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

P. Tortell, B.Sc. (McG.), M.A., Ph.D. (Prin.), Director

Research Services

M. Kirk, M.C.I.C., B.Sc. (Heriot-Watt) Ph.D. (Calg.), Director

UBC Press

M. Pitts, Director

University - Industry Liaison Office

J. P. Heale, B.Sc. (McM.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), M.B.A. (S.Fraser), Managing Director

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