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Vice-President, Students

L. Cowin, B.A. (Borough Rd.), M.Sc. (Dal.), Ph.D. (McG.)

Athletics and Recreation

G. Lepine, Senior Director, Varsity Athletics
M. Tan, Director, Intramurals & Recreation
K. Toor, Director, Sports Facilities

Director, VPS Portfolio Initiatives

B. Pollard, B.A., M.P.A. (Vic. (B.C.))

Student Development and Services

J. Teasdale, B.H.E., M.Ed (Br.Col.), Senior Director

Student Housing and Hospitality Services

A. W. Parr, Dip.Hosp.Man. (B.C.I.T.), Managing Director

University Community Services

D. Harvie, B.A., C.C.R., Managing Director

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