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The University of British Columbia provides its students, faculty, staff, and alumni with the best possible resources and conditions in which to learn, discover, and contribute, each in his or her own way. UBC creates a fulfilling environment in which to work and live that is reflective of the values of excellence, equity, and mutual respect. In cooperation with government, business, and industry as well as with Aboriginal people, other educational institutions, and the greater community, UBC creates an exceptional learning environment that fosters global citizenship, advances a civil and sustainable society, and supports outstanding research to serve the people of British Columbia, Canada, and the world.

Graduates of UBC will have strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities; excellent research and communication skills; greater intercultural understanding and awareness; and an aptitude for flexibility and innovation. They will value diversity, work with and for their communities, and be agents for positive change. Acknowledging their obligations as global citizens, they will strive to secure a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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