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Dr. Helen Burt, Vice-President Research pro tem (to August 13th, 2017)
Dr. Gail Murphy, Vice-President Research and Innovation (from August 14th, 2017)

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, and its portfolio units are the support hub for UBC’s top-ranked research and innovation activities.

We work in partnership with the Okanagan campus to uphold UBC’s reputation as a Top-40 research institution. We provide UBC researchers with strategic information, resources and tools to support their work from grant-writing through to publicity. We also provide strategy for major research initiatives and support the development of the InnovationUBC network.

This portfolio has a wide range of administrative functions that are both internal and external to the University, including:

Reporting units under the direction of the Vice-President Research and Innovation include:

In addition, a number of regulatory committees fall within the mandate of the Vice-President Research and Innovation: the Animal Care Committee, Biosafety, and Chemical Safety Committees, the Behavioural and Clinical Research Ethics Boards, and the Radiation and Radioisotopes Screening Committee.

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