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The Office of Research Services ( (ORS) serves a dual role in the area of research funding: service to researchers, and responsibility to the University for the application of policies and procedures.

Services include: maintaining a website providing research funding information (e.g., grant-competition deadline dates, application form templates and guidelines); departmental presentations by ORS staff, and organization of presentations by granting agency representatives; development and implementation of the Researcher Information Service (RISe) allowing researchers to interact via the web with all ORS services.

The Office processes all grant applications and awarded funds, establishes project grants (PGs) for funding from non-profit and government agencies, and administers fund transfers to/from UBC. The Office also provides the secretariat and management for the review of research involving animals, and biohazardous materials.

The responsibilities of ORS to the University include: the vetting of signatures on grant applications and final approval on behalf of the University; compliance with UBC policies and external funding agency requirements/conditions; the administration of procedures for review of projects involving animals, and biological hazards; the maintenance of databases of applications; funded research; reviews of projects involving animals, and biological hazards; and the production of reports and statistics on research funding.

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