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The University-Industry Liaison Office ( (UILO) facilitates industry, government and not-for-profit interactions with the research enterprise of UBC and its affiliated teaching hospitals. This engagement takes many forms, including collaborative research partnerships and the commercialization of discoveries and inventions made by UBC researchers. The outstanding work of UBC researchers impacts local, national, and global communities in the form of new medicines, technologies, and public policy.

UBC is one of Canada's top research universities. In the 2014/2015 fiscal year, UBC received $531 million in external research funding that supported 8,278 research projects and lead to 140 invention disclosures and the creation of 8 new start-up companies. UBC received $65 million in research funding from industry partners, supporting more than 1,000 projects. It is the UILO's responsibility to evaluate new disclosures, patent promising technologies, and identify partners who can bring these new technologies to market. Our partners include Provincial and Federal agencies, multinational and Canadian companies, with special emphasis on the creation of local start-up companies.

UILO activities include:

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