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Students wanting a stronger foundation in mathematics are encouraged to consider the Minor in Honours Mathematics. Upon successful completion of this Minor, the notation "Minor in Honours Mathematics" will be placed on the student's transcript.

The Minor in Honours Mathematics consists of two components: 200-level MATH courses, and 300- and 400-level MATH courses. An overall average of at least 68% must be obtained in each of the two components of the Minor.

A minimum of 9 credits of 200-level MATH courses are required in the first component.

The 300- and 400-level MATH courses required in the second component are:

MATH 300 or 305 3
MATH 3201 3
Two of MATH 301, 321, 322, and 400 6
Elective 300- and 400-level MATH courses2 12
1 The prerequisites for MATH 320 will be waived for students who earn an overall average of at least 80% on the best 15 or more credits of MATH courses numbered 200 or higher. Other students must obtain at least 80% in MATH 220.
2 Eligible elective 300- and 400-level MATH courses are: MATH 301, 257/316, 318, 321, 322, 331, 345, 400-406, 412, 416-440, 443, and 449.

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