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This alternative path is intended for students with an engineering background wishing to apply to medical schools. It provides access to courses required by many medical schools for students to be considered for admission. Registration in this alternative path is very competitive and is limited.

Students in this path follow the same requirements for first year engineering with the following modifications, in which they take:

The following courses are also strongly recommended after first year:

Special standard timetables are available for first-year courses.

Given the additional courses taken over and above the engineering degree, students should on the average expect an additional term to complete these course requirements along with their engineering degree requirements. Some courses may be offered in the summer term. Some programs may accept selected courses above as part of their degree requirements, thus reducing the additional time needed. Consult the specific programs for details.

Different medical schools have different course requirements. Students are strongly advised to verify the course requirements with prospective medical schools. It should also be noted that the course requirement is only one of the criteria used by medical schools to assess applications. It is the student's responsibility to be informed of the applicable criteria.

The Biomedical Engineering Program

The Biomedical Engineering Program is another Pre-Med path available to UBC engineering students. Students who wish to apply to medical school who are enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering Program should take one additional English course as one of their complementary studies electives. Other courses in the Biomedical Engineering program are accepted as meeting the UBC Faculty of Medicine recommendations. Students are advised to consult with other Medical programs if they plan on applying to other schools.

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