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Students desiring foundations in the knowledge and practical skills related to the formation of an entrepreneurial enterprise are encouraged to consider the Minor in Entrepreneurship. Upon successful completion of this minor program, the notation "Minor in Entrepreneurship" will be placed on the student's transcript.

Enrolment in the program is limited. Applications for admission must be made through Engineering Student Services by May 15. For an application to be considered, the student must be in good standing and eligible for at least third-year standing in the Faculty of Applied Science with a cumulative average of at least 68% in the previous two years. Meeting the stated minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the minor. Preference will be given to students who have completed COMM 280.

The program will consist of the following:  
COMR 280 3
COMR 382 3
COMR 387 3
And either
APSC 486 6
Plus 1 Entrepreneurship Elective* 3
COMR 497 3
Plus 2 Entrepreneurship Elective* 6

Enrolment in the minor program does not change the requirements for the major program of study. Students may be required to take all 5-6 courses in addition to the requirements of their major program. Each major program reserves the right to determine if any of the courses constituting the minor will qualify as credits within the major. Students will be required to consult their program advisor/director regarding how many/if any of the courses in the minor can be used as electives or as a capstone in their program.

All courses constituting the minor program must be taken at the Vancouver campus of UBC.

* The course(s) will be chosen from a list of approved electives, which will be published annually by the program.

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