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This program is pending final approval by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

An optional Co-operative Education Program providing relevant, faculty-monitored and paid work experience is available for motivated and qualified students.

Co-op terms are 4 months long and are available by application. The Co-op is available to students who choose to participate for one, two, three, or more terms.

Placements may be domestic or international with total enrolment subject to the availability of work placements.

Participation in the Co-operative Education Program includes mandatory participation in three pre co-op term workshops providing preparatory skills for the work terms. A fee is assessed for the workshops.

Each of the four-month co-op terms requires registration in a six-credit co-op course.

Students who complete three work terms or more (18 or more credits) including two terms in the Winter Session and one term in the Summer Session, will have successfully completed the requirements for the full Co-operative Education Program. The minimum eighteen credits are completed in addition to the academic requirements for the Bachelor of Design.

Successful completion of the requirements for the Co-operative Education Program includes satisfactory completion of each of the three co-op terms including the academic requirements for each co-op term. Successful completion of the Co-operative Education Program will be reflected on the transcript and parchment.

Students intending to apply must submit an application in September of Year 3.

Admission to the Co-operative Education Program is competitive and admittance can not be guaranteed.

The Co-operative Education Program is coordinated by the Applied Science Co-operative Education Office. Further information is available at the Bachelor of Design website (sala.ubc.ca/).

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