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The M.A.S.A. program allows a student to investigate an area within the broad field of architecture in collaboration with one or more members of the Faculty. The demonstrated ability to carry out independent research is critical. A well-defined Statement of Research Interests and Proposal is the primary indicator of the student's potential in the selected area. Major research thrusts within the program include environmental imperatives, history and cultural studies, advanced design research, and advanced research in digital applications. Information on research interests of individual faculty is available at Architecture (sala.ubc.ca).

Information for prospective M.A.S.A. applicants is available in the Prospectus on request and at Architecture (sala.ubc.ca). Students are selected on a competitive basis dependent on the research interests of the faculty. Applicants interested in the M.A.S.A. program are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss their goals and proposed research topic area in advance of the application deadline.

Applicants must submit the following by January 10:

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