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Applications for admission to the Bachelor of Environmental Design program will no longer be accepted effective the 2020 Winter Session.

The Coordinated International Experience (CIE) program offers a student the opportunity to apply to study a pre-selected and pre-approved set of courses over one academic term at an international CIE partner institution. The student gains new, global perspectives with the credit received from courses completed counting towards the student’s B.En.D. degree.

Participation in the CIE program is by application. A student may apply in the second term of Year 3 in order to participate in the CIE program in the first term of Year 4 in lieu of ENDS 401 and required elective coursework. Admission to the CIE program is competitive and admittance can not be guaranteed.

The CIE program is administered by the Faculty of Applied Science. Further information is available at the Bachelor of Environmental Design website (www.sala.ubc.ca).

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